Content writing

The most valuable asset of your website is the text contained within your pages. Content writing is king when it comes to ranking highly with all the major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like.


Content Writing


Pick ‘N’ Mix will help you tell your story creating page content, articles and blogs that will engage your web audience and help search engines index your website.


Our website content writers specialise in creating fresh and relevant content bespoke to your individual needs whether your website provides services, products, promotion or information.


We understanding that every website has a specific target audience which will dictate the different type and level of content you require.


Successful content writing is done using ideation, a creative process of finding a subject matter, title and angle to create informative and engaging content. The best ideation is done working closely with our clients to fully understand the USP and individuality of the market space and website they want to create.


Buyer persona, supply to demand content writing

A buyer’s persona will tell you exactly how and why the representative buyer makes the decision to purchase the products, services or solutions that you are marketing.


Writing for your audience, not for yourself, company or brand is vital in satisfying and keeping audience attention.


Keyword research

Understanding what your target audience is searching for rather than what you think they are searching for is essential for successful content writing.


Keyword Research


The smallest variations can create the biggest of impacts.

For example “content writing” is a better keyword than “content writer” hence the title of this page. This does not mean you should exclude the keyword “content writer” in fact far from it. “Content writer” can be used to build the purpose of the page using what is called a long tail keyword strategy. Long tail keywords are those three or four keywords or phrases which are very specific to whatever you are marketing based on and around the main page focus.


Competitor analysis

Finding successful content from competitors in your industry will provide a wealth of information and knowledge on what works with your chosen target audience. This is not just about what your competitors are sharing, but also who they are sharing and linking with.


Fresh, high quality and original content writing will win every time.

Every post, page, blog, tweet or social share will have your name or brand on it, so be original and stand out from the crowd. With tens of thousands of people writing content about the same subjects it can sometimes feel hard to be unique, but it’s easier than it seems. Our talented content writers will give you a voice, a loud voice to capture and engage with your audience.


Don’t cheat, plagiarized content is bad for your reputation and will not help you rank with the major search engines.


Search engines

Search engine algorithms

Search engine algorithms constantly change and what was once essential to your websites success could become the downfall with a simple rule change from one of the major search engines. Pick ‘N’ Mix content writers are ahead of the game and keep up on all of the latest guidelines and rules when it comes to online search. One thing always remains Fresh, high quality and original content writing will win every time.

Content writing