Responsive website design


Responsive Website Design (RWD) is when a website is designed and built to be responsive to the wide variety of devices used by online searchers including desktop, mobile and tablet.


Responsive Website Design


Responsive Website Design provides searchers with easy navigation, reading and optimal viewing without the need to scroll or resize their screen.


All Pick ‘N’ Mix websites are designed using Responsive Website Design that will adapt the layout of your site to best fit the searchers viewing device. This is done by using fluid proportion based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries.


Fluid proportion based grids are calculations using device relative units like percentages over absolute units like pixels. Traditionally websites have been defined in pixels carried over from the print industry where newspapers and magazines are formatted in one fixed size.


Flexible images are also sized in relative units ensuring that all images are displayed within the containing element of the page.


CSS3 media queries enable the use of different CSS style rules based on the individual search device.


Typically smaller devices like smartphones are used in portrait mode, meaning that the screen is taller than it is wide. This is great for websites that scroll vertically but not so good for websites with wider layouts or multiple columns. A media query will detect the device viewing width and serve the appropriately rearranged CSS content to best suit the user.


Mobile web browsers represent a rapidly growing demographic in search traffic which is likely to eclipse desktop browsing in the very near future.


Responsive Website Design with a mobile approach is essential when building your website.

Responsive website design